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Dr. Rita Dhruv

Prabhat is 50 Years old company trading on rubber products. It has medical division of teleradiology running efficiently since 4 years in name of prabhat telesolutions llp

EVOLUTION OF INSTITUTE- The origin of institute was on the basis of following norms...There was a need to redesign our present educational system.

Also ,it was difficult for doctors to travel to USA for learning courses and spend Rs.5 – 6 Lacs for the course, the stay and the time invested for the same.

And there was utmost need to breach this technology gap between USA & India and provide educational system at its best.

PROCESS of working : RESONANCE OF VIBRODENSITY WITH VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY that is to bring resonance in radiologist(interpreter ) with interpretation findings by technology--To enhance this transformation, we reshaped the present education model by introducing personal hands on accessible programming system and personalized workstation,Interactive lecture sessions with case base studies, Discussion on important different pathology cases and Individual involvement by discussions on cases.

WE also inculcated passionate teachers, skilled professionals whose focus is to effectively ensure better understanding of the subject and enhance academic foundation not on traditionally prescribed formulas. The learning will be supported by excellent International technology that would increase receptability and individual attention with increased individual growth as radiologist. Team teaching would be very helpful to assist those who struggling with basic concepts and benefit of the fast learner also.

Awesome outcome is extensive individual growth of radiologist who take the course.

And Platform for various expert faculties to share and spread knowledge and hence their growth.

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